We are moving... Just not sure where yet!

2020 continues to be a year to remember.  After 10+ years at the same location, we were informed by our landlord the building was sold and all the tenants needed to find new facilities.  The new owner plans to use the entire building for their own business.

CCofC leadership quickly put a plan in place to move as much of the studio and darkroom equipment into storage while the hunt continues for a new location and planning for alternative meeting spaces.

  • Check back for updates and new meeting information.

  • The search for a new studio space will continue. 

Lastly, since the club started in 1884  (yes, that was a long time ago) we have had many different meeting locations.  In the end, we continued to grow and support photography enthusiast.  

Thank you for your support and understanding.   Remember to Shoot, Share, and Learn!

Since 1884 
The Camera Club of Cincinnati