House Rules of the Camera Club of Cincinnati (CCofC)

House Rules of the Camera Club of Cincinnati 
Adopted 2002, Revised December 14, 2006


This document describes the house rules for the Camera Club of Cincinnati. These rules generally describe use of the facilities and conduct of members. The rules may be modified by a simple majority vote of a quorum of members present at any regular meeting.

Member Conduct:

No member or group of members may enter into any transaction of any kind wherein he, she or they represent themselves as representing or acting in behalf of the Camera Club of Cincinnati without first having been given permission by the board to do so.  If and when granted, such permission applies only to the particular instance and does not carry with it implied permission to enter future transactions.

1. Visitors or guests are welcome to participate on any regular meeting night, Visitors present at meeting nights where a studio session is accomplished cannot participate, or be present in that studio session, except by specific invitation from the member coordinating that particular session.  A visitor or guest may enter the monthly print competition and participate in the balloting for amusement purposes.  Prints entered by a visitor or guest will not be considered for winning the monthly competition.  Ballots completed by a visitor or guest will not be added with the membership’s ballots.

2. To be considered for membership in the Camera Club of Cincinnati, an applicant must be 18 years of age or older.

3. Non-members are not permitted in the club facility without a member present.

4. Continued commercial use of the club and its’ facilities is not permitted.

5. If a member assumes a committee assignment, that member is expected to follow through.

6. Smoking is not permitted during meetings and club sponsored events.

Use of the facilities:

7. No member may give loan or duplicate their door key and allow any person, even if that person is another member, access to the club facilities.  If a door key is lost, another key may be obtained from a board member or the key monitor.

8. No member shall divulge any entry combination codes, locker combination codes, computer passwords, or computer access codes to any non-member.

9. All members must sign “in” and “out”, on the door register, when entering and leaving the club facility except during regular meeting hours.

10. Physical additions to the Club facility, including props, darkroom equipment, computer equipment, office equipment, office furniture, and general fixtures should only be added or left at CCofC after consultation and approval by the President, the appropriate committee chair(s), or with compliance to guidelines established by the various and appropriate committees.

11. When leaving the facility, do the following:

      a. Put all equipment and materials in the proper location
      b. Empty trash cans, ashtrays and beverage containers if needed
      c. Check the area you used for any items left behind
      d. Bar, latch and lock the rear doors, even if you did not open them
      e. Turn off the air conditioners
      f. Sign out
      g. Turn off all lights not being used, even if you didn’t turn them on
     h. Lock and check the front door

Note:   Any member, or group of members, that wants to schedule group use of   a CCofC facilities that does not meet the approved use guidelines   (such as longer than three hours for a studio), can petition the CCofC President for approval.  Depending on the particulars of the proposed use, the CCofC President  will determine if the use is reasonable (or not). So, in the request please present all the important aspects of the event.  Please note that this is not a requirement for group sessions in   general, only ones that would not meet all the current approved  facility use guidelines.

Use of Club Property

12. No property of the club shall be removed from the premises.  This also applies to property left with the club by any member for the use or advantage of the club.  Property may only be removed when it is “signed out” by the president or house committee chairman.

13. The Camera Club of Cincinnati is not responsible for personal effects or property left on the premises.  Lockers are available and may be rented from the treasurer.  Members are to provide their own locks. Space for roll paper may also be rented from the treasurer.

14. Any damaged equipment must be reported to a board member or the appropriate committee chairman immediately and a note left on that particular piece of equipment describing its’ condition.

15. No member shall in any way take upon himself to alter, change, modify, or repair any club equipment without the permission of the board or the appropriate committee chairman.

16. If any unusual or unexpected circumstances arise, it is each member’s responsibility to report the same to any member of the board or house committee chairman.

Confidentiality of Personal Information
17. No member shall divulge the identity, address, telephone number, email address, or other contact information of any member or model stored at CCofC without the expressed consent of the affected human(s). Member information that may be given out is posted in the club.

Reservation of Club Facilities

18. Reservations of all club resources are made through the Camera Club’s web site, Completed reservations should not be deleted as this serves as a record of the facilities use, reservation compliance, and future modification of the reservation system.

19. A reservation entitles a member to the private use of the facility and takes precedence over any non-reserved use. Otherwise the facilities can be used on a casual basis. Reservations are strongly recommended.

20. No facility may be reserved one hour before or after the regular weekly meeting, i.e., 7 pm to 11 pm Thursdays.
21. If a member reserves any club facility, and is not going to use that facility, the reservation must be removed from the registration calendar as soon as possible.

22. Members reserving a studio should reserve the studio that meets their session needs, not reserve a particular studio and garner resources from the other studio.  If a particular studio is reserved, the person reserving that studio must be content in the completeness or inadequacies of that particular studio.

23. A member may reserve only one of the club’s facilities for a specific time. This reservation only reserves that particular facility, not the entire CCofC facility, and not other parts of the CCofC facility.  A member’s reservation of one particular facility must not inhibit the use of the other parts of the facility by the remainder of the membership.

24. If a member accomplishes a private session, they must promptly provide access to other members via the back door.  The back door must be prepared in such a to way to allow other members unassisted entry with their key (via the back door).  The member accomplishing the private session must prompt the other members to enter via the back door by displaying a conspicuous and legible sign on the front door directing the membership to the back door.  In addition, and most importantly, the member accomplishing the private session is personally responsible for correctly securing the back door once their private session is complete.  This responsibility is in effect regardless if other members enter via the back door. Regardless of who unlocked the back door, each member is required to check to make sure it is secure when they leave, as per rule 11 section d.

25. If a member uses the studio (not necessarily a private session), they are responsible for displaying a conspicuous and legible sign on the front door explicitly declaring the other members facility entrance options.

26. The darkroom will not be used as a changing, makeup, or dressing area.

27. Reservation of the Studios 

Reservations for either studio (upstairs or basement) will be for a maximum of four (4) hours.  

Reservations for darkroom will be for a maximum of four (4) hours)

There must be at least ½ hour between each reservation (slack time). This ½ hour requirement applies to both "ends" of the reservation. 


Members may have two (2) pending reservations per studio at any one time, i.e. two for the upstairs studio, and two for the downstairs studio (a maximum of four pending reservations). A "pending" reservation is one that will take place at some point in the future. Once that date has passed, regardless of whether the shoot actually took place, that reservation is no longer "pending", and the member is free to make another.


In any calendar month (January, February, March, etc) no member may reserve a particular studio more than two (2) times during "weekend prime time hours". Weekend prime time hours are defined as Friday from 6:01 PM (1801 hours) until Sunday at 11:59 PM (2359 hours). If any part of a reservation falls within these defined times it will be counted as a weekend prime time reservation. This means that a member can have a maximum of two (2) weekend prime time sessions per month in upstairs studio, and a maximum of two (2) weekend prime time sessions per month in the downstairs studio. 


On any particular day, there may be no more than one (1) reservation per studio, per member. A member could reserve one of the studios (upstairs or basement) on a particular day, and the other one on the same day. So back-to back reservations in the same studio would not be allowed, but would be allowed if there was a studio change. 

If it becomes apparent that a pending reservation will not be needed (e.g. the model cancels, or the member gets called out of town), the member should cancel the reservation ASAP, and post to the club mailing list that the studio is now available at the time in question. Once this has been done, the reservation is no longer considered "pending", and the member is free to make another reservation.

A fee of $10.00 is due after studio sessions are completed. There are two mailboxes, one on the studio wall, one by the rear entrance to put your money in. Envelopes are provided. Please write your name, the date, the time, and which studio you reserved on the envelope, along with the dollar amount.

28. Darkroom
There is no charge for use of the darkroom, computer, or finishing area for current CCofC members

Penalties for Infractions

29. Penalties for infractions of the preceding rules may include reprimand, fine, suspension, or dismissal from the club.  The penalty is to be at the discretion of the board after a hearing at a regular board meeting.  The board will give due consideration to the offense and surrounding conditions when making a penalty decision.  The offending member shall be notified of their hearing at least two weeks in advance.  Failure to respond to this notice constitutes the member’s acceptance of whatever penalty the board decides.  If the member is unable to attend the board hearing, the board, at its discretion, may grant a continuance.  A member, who is not in agreement with the penalty decision, may receive a review within thirty of the penalty decision.  This is at the discretion of the board and the member’s appeal will be heard before the entire membership at a regular business meeting.

April 4, 2013 Addendum:
1) Club Leadership resolved non members can participate in studio night for $5 on the first visit. If they return and haven't joined or are lapsed members the fee will be $15.
2) Club Leadership confirmed members are free to use the mailing lists and web site to trade their own gear.