How do I become a Member of the Camera Club of Cincinnati?

Becoming a member is a simple process. You begin by attending a


The first time you attend, you will be ask to fill out an application letting us know your photo experience and interests. No experience is required. Any level of photography, from learner to pro is fine. 

When you attend, please ask any member for an application.


​Soon afterwards you will be eligible to become a member. You will be voted into the club by the membership. After admittance, and after dues are collected, you will be given a key to the club facilities.

Dues are $195 per year and can be paid in installments.

The Camera Club of Cincinnati (CCofC) was founded in January of 1884, making it one of the oldest camera clubs in the country. The club is both social and educational. Members will have a chance to discuss and learn new technics.