Quick collection of common questions you may have when you first join:

   * See Current Member section for additional information.

1) What are my Dues and Fees?  How can they be paid?  Is there a charge for renting the studio?.

​              Click here to learn about Dues and Fees​

2) When does the Camera Club meet?   There are meetings every Thursday at 8 pm - 10 pm.

  • The 1st Thursday of the month is Print Competition

  • The 2nd Thursday of the month is Studio Night

  • The 3rd Thursday of the month is Print Night 2 - Topic Themed

  • The 4th Thursday of the month is Presentation Night

  • The 5th Thursday of the month is Peer Review Night

3) What is Print Competition?  What are the categories?   How does it work?   Will I win?   

             Any member can submit one or more prints, which are displayed for the night and judged (at present) in two categories: black-and-white and color.  

             Members attending the session record their impressions of each image in several categories (such as how interesting is the subject matter, how well

             is the print presented, etc.). The individual votes are then tabulated by a computer and a "winner" is selected in each category, along with a second

             and third place image.  The 1st Thursday of the month is Print Competition.   There is a $1 per print cost to enter into the Print Competition.

             In the end, everyone is a winner because you learn from seeing and hearing what  other photographers are doing.  

4) What happens during Studio Night?  What do I need to bring?   What if I don't know anything about using a studio? 

             During Studio Night the club gets together to practice using the studio with a live model.   Bring a camera and there will be folks there to
             help if needed.

5) What is Studio Night Print Review? 

             Studio Night Print review is our chance as a group to review the everyone's best images from the prior model photo shoot.

6) CCofC Group Communication?   Discussion Groups?  Updates. Etc...  

              Every member should join the CCofC Yahoo group.  This is the current forum for internal discussion and updates.  


              Another source is the CCofC Facebook page.   

7) How do you get a CC of C membership badge?

             Send an email to CameraClubCincinnati@gmail.com  with the Subject "Request Membership Badge".   In the email, state exactly how you would
              like your name to be displayed on the  badge.