Dues & Fees:

Dues are payable by check and given to any club officer during a regular meeting.  Or in cash to the treasurer only.  Or by credit.  You must pay a minimum of 6 months dues when you join.  

Checks should be made payable to Camera Club of Cincinnati.

Mailing your check to:

    CCofC - Kevin Holder

    8471 Shuman Lane

    Cincinnati OH 45231



  12 Months (Full Year)            Cash or Check: $195.00                               

  6 Months (Half Year)              Cash or Check: $115.00                                

  3 Months (Quarterly)             Cash or Check: $  65.00                         


   You must pay a minimum of 6 months when you join.

​Usage Based Fees:

In order to keep dues as low as possible, the club has a tendency to have a number of "pay for use" items. You only need to pay for these items if you use them.

  Locker (1 Year)                       Cash or Check: $8.00                             

  Roll Paper Storage (1 Year)   Cash or Check: $6.00                          


​Upstairs or Downstairs Studio Rental:

A fee of $10.00 is due after studio sessions are completed. There are two mailboxes, one on the studio wall, one by the rear entrance to put your money in. Envelopes are provided, although not necessary.  Discounted tickets may be purchased from the treasurer.

More Information on Renting the Studios


Camera Club of Cincinnati, 7045 Vine Street.  Cincinnati, OH 45216

Come visit us on Thursdays from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm.