Print Night

PRINT NIGHT at the Camera Club of Cincinnati: Print Night is one of the best-attended sessions at the CCofC. There will be 2 categories:  Color and Monochrome.  Any members may enter up to two prints total.

Members attending the session record their impressions of each image in several categories (such as how interesting is the subject matter, how well is the print presented, etc.). The individual votes are then tabulated by a computer and a "winner" is selected in each category, along with a second and third place image.

WHAT IS UNIQUE about Print Night at the CCofC is what happens next. To try to get beyond the admittedly subjective nature of the voting, and to make this more than a print contest, the CCofC has instituted a formal critique session following the voting. 
A moderator, often with extensive experience teaching photography, reviews each image and discusses the things that worked well, the features that could be improved, and ideas to try the next time. The critique discussions are held in a balanced and supportive manner, with plenty of opportunity for questions and for people to express differing views.

In this way EVERY member who submits a print gets some very valuable feedback on his particular image.

AS THE QUALITY AND QUANTITY OF SUBMITTALS GROW we may add additional categories.

PRINT NIGHT is held on the first Thursday of every month, from 8-10 p.m. at the camera Club of Cincinnati studio at 7045 Vine Street.