• Reservations for either studio (upstairs or basement) will be for a maximum of four (4) hours.  

  • Reservations for darkroom will be for a maximum of four (4) hours)

  • There must be at least ½ hour between each reservation (slack time). This ½ hour requirement applies to both "ends" of the reservation. 


  • Members may have two (2) pending reservations per studio at any one time, i.e. two for the upstairs studio, and two for the downstairs studio (a maximum of four pending reservations). A "pending" reservation is one that will take place at some point in the future. Once that date has passed, regardless of whether the shoot actually took place, that reservation is no longer "pending", and the member is free to make another.


  • In any calendar month (January, February, March, etc) no member may reserve a particular studio more than two (2) times during "weekend prime time hours". Weekend prime time hours are defined as Friday from 6:01 PM (1801 hours) until Sunday at 11:59 PM (2359 hours). If any part of a reservation falls within these defined times it will be counted as a weekend prime time reservation. This means that a member can have a maximum of two (2) weekend prime time sessions per month in upstairs studio, and a maximum of two (2) weekend prime time sessions per month in the downstairs studio. 


  • On any particular day, there may be no more than one (1) reservation per studio, per member. A member could reserve one of the studios (upstairs or basement) on a particular day, and the other one on the same day. So back-to back reservations in the same studio would not be allowed, but would be allowed if there was a studio change. 

If it becomes apparent that a pending reservation will not be needed (e.g. the model cancels, or the member gets called out of town), the member should cancel the reservation ASAP, and post to the club mailing list that the studio is now available at the time in question. Once this has been done, the reservation is no longer considered "pending", and the member is free to make another reservation.

A fee of $10.00 is due after studio sessions are completed. There are two mailboxes, one on the studio wall, one by the rear entrance to put your money in. Envelopes are provided. Please write your name, the date, the time, and which studio you reserved on the envelope, along with the dollar amount.

There is no charge for use of the darkroom, computer, or finishing area for current CCofC members.