The club's main facilities, studios, and darkroom are scheduled via the Internet. Members may schedule the facilities for their exclusive use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Scheduling is on a first-come first-served basis and is subject to some restrictions so that everyone will get a fair chance at using the facilities.

  •     Only current members, in good standing, can reserve Camera Club of Cincinnati facilities.  

  •     Reservations for either studio (upstairs or basement) will be for a maximum of four hours.

  •     There must be at least ½ hour between each reservation (slack time). This ½ hour requirement applies to both "ends" of the reservation.

  •     Two vital reservations per member per studio (two for the upstairs studio, two for the downstairs studio) are allowed. A "vital" reservation is one that has not been completely consumed due to the passage of time

  •     On any particular day there may be no more than one reservation per member per studio. A member could reserve one of the studios (upstairs or basement) on a particular day, and the other one on the same day. So back-to back reservations in the same studio would not be allowed, but would be allowed if there was a studio change.

  •     After sessions are accomplished (even partially accomplished) they must not be removed from the on line reservation calendars. The reservation record of accomplished sessions the on-line reservation calendar provides a basis for determining reservation guideline compliance, so they must not be deleted from the calendar.

  •     Studio Rental:  A fee of $10.00 is due after studio sessions are completed. There are two mailboxes, one on the studio wall, one by the rear entrance to put your money in. Envelopes are provided, although not necessary.  Discounted tickets may be purchased from the treasurer.

  •      There is no charge for use of the darkroom for current CCofC members.