Studio & Darkroom



The Camera Club of Cincinnati provides two studios for use by its members. Our main studio is 19' wide by 45' long with very high ceilings. Our other studio is in the basement, 19' wide by 25' long, it's perfect for photographing still life.

  • Several Novatron Studio Power Packs
  • Novatron Standard & Reducing Heads
  • Softboxes and reflectors
  • Cloth Backdrops
  • Seamless Paper Backdrops
  • Furniture and Props


  • 4"x5" enlarger
  • 6x7cm enlarger with color head
  • 6x6cm enlarger with extra long column
  • Assorted lenses and lensboards for the
  • Easels, Timers, Paper Safes
  • Large Work Surface
  • All you have to supply is paper & chemicals.